Ruane Construction recognizes its responsibility in identifying and accommodating the training and development needs arising from within its organization.

We ensure that a variety of training is made available to our employees in order for them to develop both in their role within the company and as individuals.

We ensure that through training, coaching and advice, all employees are competent to undertake their duties.

We recognise that only through the development of our people can we attain our goals, deliver our objectives and continue to develop the business.

Appropriate training is provided to help staff realise their full potential. All learning is positively encouraged  whenever possible.

Our training objectives are to:

  • Minimise the number of occupational accidents and illnesses with the ultimate objective to achieve an accident-free workplace.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.
  • Provide training to enable our workforce to maximise their effort for the provision of a first class service to our client.
  • Improve the efficiency of our workforce through greater confidence in their abilities and new skills.
  • Create a sense of achievement, increase staff morale and motivation.

The Managing Director is responsible for discussing, planning, implementing, organising and reviewing all management / employee training and development needs in the pursuit of the company’s primary business objectives and with regard to long-term growth, operational stability, organisational change and personal fulfilment.

All our personnel hold one or all of the following construction industry recognised skill cards

  • CSCS
  • CPCS
  • Site supervisor
  • Additional training is also provided for
  • Appointed FirstAider
  • First Aid at work.